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Multiple data Files

Posted: 17 Jul 2012, 23:55
by Wiggy74
Morning all, apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I am hoping someone can assist me.
Is it possible to use/import more than one data file for a mail merge?
Basically I have 12 versions of business card reverses, which my client requires to be randomly spread across x amount of cards per name, but each name is to have a different qty of cards.
I.e I have 10 versions of business cards fronts, all with different names and contact details, then for each person they require the 12 versions of reverses randomly spread across their cards. 2 people may receive 50 copies, 5 receive 100 copies etc.
I'm just not sure the best way to do this, although my initial thought was to create several data files, 1 for each qty, but I am not sure whether we can import more than 1 data file per spread?

Kind regards,