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Non-editable text in certain tags

Posted: 21 Feb 2010, 21:55
by Christina
Hi :)
Once again, I have trouble using XML in Quark (7.3).
This time, it is a problem I encounter for the first time: Certain parts of my imported XML-text is non-editable.
Since several months, I'm using XML-import to make my life a little easier while working on our local event calendar. It always looks like this (I copy directly from Quark):

Uhr bis Uhr, ,

I format these tags via the "style"-formats.

Now, when I let Quark fill in the text, I can edit the "was", "beschreibung", "wo" and "ort" tags. But as soon as I want to change something in the "preis"-tag, I can only edit the text as a whole o.O (Meaning, I can't change a word in there or a word spelled in a wrong way. I can either erase the whole paragraph in the tag or let it stay as it is). The same applies to the "anfang" and "ende" tags, but I guess, I could work around that.
The biggest problem about that is, that the XML-file is a "little corrupt". All our special characters (in the german language) are broken and have to be repaired. Normally, I do that via "find and replace", which works like a charm. Well, at least, it did until now =(
Can someone please tell me how to solve that problem? (and no, I can't change something in the XML-file. Even if I could, it wouldn't help - our client wants to shorten some texts when everything's done...)
I'd be very happy to read your suggestions =J
(By the way, I work on a Mac, QuarkXPress 7.3 and the XML-extensions are installed)