Setting up XML DTD's and quark templates

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If you are interested in newer XML publishing formats that Quark offers, then please contact us about Modifier XML (QuarkXPress Documents as XML) in QuarkXPress Server or about Quark XML Author.
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Setting up XML DTD's and quark templates

Post by nazia » 07 Oct 2008, 03:05

I'm trying to find help on how to create xml DTD's and templates for Quark 6.5
at the moment i download data from my website in xml format and then i want this to be paginated into quark in a template that is created using a dtd that identifies the tags within the downloaded xml.
what i would like to know is how to set up these dtd's so that i can control what order the data is displayed in etc
and also have the power to create different templates.
Any ideas on where i can look for help?
Thanks in advance

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Setting up XML DTD's and quark templates

Post by Denverboy » 26 Oct 2008, 20:39

DTD creation is somehow complex, and has nothing to do with Quark.
You have to set up your DTD manually (using a simple text editor) and then use an xtension like xml-plus or Avenue, to fetch data from your xml files.
You can start here

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Setting up XML DTD's and quark templates

Post by samowitsch » 19 Sep 2009, 11:03

Here is a good tutorial: there is one bug in it. QXP don't like the first row of the XML File.Without the first row the example works.Regards


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