Quark 5 XML Import problem

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Quark 5 XML Import problem

Post by ceracera » 02 Nov 2008, 15:28

Im trying to import xml with internal DTD in Quark 5 via the XML import avenue.quark XT.
I do all the stuff I learned from XML Import guide, but I can not insert the hard return after each row of data.
In XML import.pdf it says that return or any character can be inserted before ending bracket or after opening bracket of the placeholder element, there is even a picture displaying how this is done, but that just is not possible - I cannot type anything within the brackets, only between elements. Why?

I need that cause I need to create a lot of soccer rankings tables.

I am getting: Palermo962Napoli953...

I need:
Palermo 9 6 2
Napoli 9 5 3
Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if my english was bad.

P. S. I had to write this forum message in html. Is that normal on this forum or is it just on my machine? Because of that I can not send xml code...


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