QuarkXPress 7 (Intel MBP, Leopard) freezing or crashing cons

Discuss XML import/export in QuarkXPress 8 & 9 (and before).

If you are interested in newer XML publishing formats that Quark offers, then please contact us about Modifier XML (QuarkXPress Documents as XML) in QuarkXPress Server or about Quark XML Author.
Dan Feather
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QuarkXPress 7 (Intel MBP, Leopard) freezing or crashing cons

Post by Dan Feather » 20 Jun 2008, 17:09

I've tried everything I can think of to troubleshoot Quark's continuous poor performance, but can not manage to get through even 5 minutes of work with avenue.quark (setting up an XML template, making rule sets, creating XML document). I have disabled all XTensions not required for this task; I have repaired permissions; I have experimented with freshly-made and very simple, short documents; I have created a new user account. And today I attempted to work on another user's computer: also a MacbookPro with Leopard and latest version of XPress. It was the same story! I was unable to accomplish anything. . . .
My ultimate goal is simply to create a template for fairly simple documents which will be converted for the web each month. There are no images, just a dozen style sheets, and fewer fonts.
Any assistance, suggestions, or even sympathy would be appreciated.

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QuarkXPress 7 (Intel MBP, Leopard) freezing or crashing cons

Post by kgrubbe » 26 Jun 2008, 14:24

You have my sympathy. You are using 7.31 right? I would call Quark tech support. It is free. I have seen suggestions to turn off spaces (whatever that is). I'm a Windows user.


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