Export Quark Doc as XML. Please Help!

Discuss XML import/export in QuarkXPress 8 & 9 (and before).

If you are interested in newer XML publishing formats that Quark offers, then please contact us about Modifier XML (QuarkXPress Documents as XML) in QuarkXPress Server or about Quark XML Author.
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Export Quark Doc as XML. Please Help!

Post by b3nscott » 07 Apr 2008, 15:23

We are using Quark 6.5 and have a publication we would like to add to a CMS (Content Management System) on a regular basis.

What is the best way to export the document as XML. I've researched avenue.quark and downloaded the XML Plus Xtensions for Quark 6.5. There doesn't seem to be a one-click solution for this. Seems like I need to learn XML to be able to do this...

Our main concern is that the text keep its style. We aren't placing images or graphics, just text.

Is there a difference in avenue.quark and XML Plus? XML Plus says to delete avenue.quark, but didn't know if one is better.

Also, can we do it all at once, or only one story at a time?

OR what is the best way to export only text with HTML tags??? <<<answer that and it would help too!

Thanks for your help.

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Export Quark Doc as XML. Please Help!

Post by JRS » 11 Apr 2008, 12:29

Hi, there's no one-click solution because XML is not a specific format, it is a general specification and language that can be used in myriad ways.

Whatever tool you use, yes, you do need to learn some about XML to do this. Do you want valid or well-formed XML? Do you have a DTD, or a specification of desired tags from the CMS system?

When you say the text needs to keep its style, you understand that XML does not define any style except as applied to it by post-processing? You might tag a line of text as

and then have an XSL style sheet or CSS recognize that attribute and process and display appropriately, but you aren't going to have XML that says "this is 9 point Times plain".

I'm sure this is confusing, but the fact is, if you can't answer the questions above, then you can't choose between avenue or XML Plus or any third-party XTension, because they have different capabilities and knowing what output you are after is essential to choosing the tool.

As for HTML, I can't offer any suggestions, so I'd suggest you look at the PowerXChange web site and maybe give them a call, and see what tools they suggest based on your needs.



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