XML Import with repeating elements within elements

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XML Import with repeating elements within elements

Post by larryk » 01 Feb 2008, 11:48

Hi Everybody,

My Quark expert (latest Mac sw version, using the xml Xtension) is having great difficulty importing an xml file.

The xml file includes a DTD and is well formed.

It includes many repeating elements as can be seen in the schematic below.

Each letter of the alphabet includes 1 or more presenters.
Each presenter includes 1 or more sessions.

What we want to do is to create a template of a letter / presenter / session and then have Quark replicate the template.

But after much trying, all the designer can get is to have Quark fill in a pre-defined document with the right information. But that is not good since it requires the designer to create the entire document, just without the specific text.

I've had other designers accomplish this task using the same xml file and that other brand of page designer from A***. We'd really like to use Quark for this job.

Any help, pointers to specific documents, etc would be much appreciated.





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