Modify QXP with XML document

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Modify QXP with XML document

Post by rnaux » 26 Oct 2007, 03:46


I use Quark Xpress Server 7.2
I'm trying to use the Box Modifier function

I've tried with XML document or with XML definition in the url,
but the server always answer : "XML document is not valid or well formed".

I use url like this (found in the documentation) :
http://localhost:8080/sample.qxp?modify ... difier.xml


By the way, I can't found a DTD or XSD file. Can't anyone tell me where they are ?

Andy Dyer
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Modify QXP with XML document

Post by Andy Dyer » 26 Oct 2007, 08:23

Hi rnaux,

The URL which you are using looks correct. I believe the problem you're having with invalid XML is twofold: firstly, the XML in your post has a ? rather than / in the closing tag of the GEOMETRY element, and secondly, the identifier for the LAYOUTNAME, and the structure of this XML, is in the format used by previous versions of Modifier, this changed at version 7.2 in order to add new functionalities, so the correct form would be:


You can find the DTD to validate the XML as "Modifier.DTD" in the QuarkXPress Server application folder (for a default install that will be - c:\Program Files\Quark\QuarkXPress Server 7.2\Modifier.dtd, or Macintosh HD:Applications:QuarkXPress Server 7.2:Modifier.dtd), there's also a documented description of the DTD in the "Web Integration Guide", which you can find in the Documents folder inside the QuarkXPress Server application folder.

I hope that this helps,

Andy Dyer,
Associate Product Manager,
QuarkXPress Server,
Quark Inc.

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Modify QXP with XML document

Post by rnaux » 29 Oct 2007, 03:37

Thank you, it seems to work !

Actually, I've found my example on the Web Integration Guide, for client 7.3, and the XML example I can found on the BoxModifier.html page is not up to date.


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