XML Import + Multiple Images?

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XML Import + Multiple Images?

Post by Gradiation » 04 Jun 2007, 09:41


I'm using Quark XPress 7 on Windows along with the XML Import Xtension and am having a few problems with images.

I am trying to create a catalogue with data being imported as XML.

The xml document contains a list of products, each with general information such as name, description and price, but also contains the name of a JPG image.

Now the problem i am having is that i can't seem to create an image next to each product line dynamically.

Can anyone offer any adive?

Alternativley, i have tried specifying a specific index for each product within the placeholders panel so that each product is effectivley positioned manually, and this sort of works with the images, as i can make a picture box for each product line manually, but i can't seem to be able to tell the image box to use a specific index for the image.

If anyone could shed any light on either of these problems, it would get me out of a great big hole.

Many thansk


Marc Horne (Quark)
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XML Import + Multiple Images?

Post by Marc Horne (Quark) » 15 Jun 2007, 05:48

Hi Matt,

Does the page that you are trying to flow the images into already have picture boxes set up?

Marc Horne
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XML Import + Multiple Images?

Post by Maglez » 21 Sep 2007, 05:11


I am working on a catalogue which shows the product's picture.

Using the Placeholder palette, I import my XML structure (DTD), later the XML content. Actually, I am using the same products XML as my DTD and content, this seems to work but I don't know if it is the cause of my problem, which I continue relating.

My XML is as follow...

Title 1
Price 1

Title 2
Price 2

When I drag-and-drop the placeholders from the Placeholders palette to a text box, I see the placeholders on its yellowish colour, when I press the "Toggle Placeholders/Content" button, I see the content for the two groups that my XML contains. For the picture, it show the location of the picture as plaint text, which is normal as I haven't include a image box yet.

Now I have to include an image box within my placeholders, so in a blank are, I create an image box, I cut the image box, position the cursor within my placeholders on the text box and paste, then I receive the message...

"Anchors cannot be placed inside of placeholders. [10068]"

Then I look for a different way to include an image box within my placeholders and so I paste the image box on the same text box where the placeholders are, but outside the placeholders. As the image box is part of the text box, now I successfully cut it and paste within the placeholders.

Then, from the Placeholders palette, I drag-and-drop the picture element over the image box. So far so good.

Now, on the Placeholders palette, I press the "Toggle Placeholders/Content" button and the text box shows nothing, no even any previous text I may have added. Pressing the Toggle button again doesn't revert to the placeholders, I simple lost the layout for that text box.

All right, admitting that this isn't the way to import images through XML, what is the right way to do it?

Thank you in advance for any response or pointing me out to some link that could help.

Miguel Gonzalez.


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