XML Styling in Quark

Discuss XML import/export in QuarkXPress 8 & 9 (and before).

If you are interested in newer XML publishing formats that Quark offers, then please contact us about Modifier XML (QuarkXPress Documents as XML) in QuarkXPress Server or about Quark XML Author.
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XML Styling in Quark

Post by nikisha » 24 Feb 2006, 14:21

I have an XML file and an XSL-FO. I was using Arbortext to convert the XML to PDF using the FO. The PDF was part of a Scientific journal publication. The PDF would be sent to the graphics dept who would drop it into Quark which contained the rest of the journal contents (index, schedule, etc).
To keep our formatting consistent, we are hoping to change this process by importing the XML file into Quark directly. However, I am not sure how the styling would work. We were thinking about InDesign but that would be a learning curve for the graphics dept who are already familiar with Quark but haven't used it for XML imports.
I would really appreciate some guidance on this. Do we need any other tools, Can QuarkXPress handle this? How would we style it?

Thanks in advance.

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XML Styling in Quark

Post by Harvey(Quark) » 05 Apr 2006, 13:44

You can import an XML file in QuarkXPress and apply styling to the content. In oreder to import an XML File
1 Create a new document in Quark.
2. Go to windows>show Placeholders.
3. In the Placeholder palette , Import the DTD by clicking
on the first icon. and it would show you the dtd file under
structure tab.
4. Click on the second icon and import the xml file and that would show you the name of the XML file next to the right of the icons.
5. create a text box and drag the XML tag and drop it in the text box and it would show you the place holder in the text box .
6. now apply styling to the placeholders.
7. then toggle placeholder/content and it would show you the content in the XML file with the applied styles.

hopefuly this would help you

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XML Styling in Quark

Post by rajeev » 01 May 2006, 22:34

Hi Harvey

I am doing the same but after styling when I toggle placeholder/content the content is not showing in the quark file. Can you please suggest me why it happened? I have also written aout this to Technical team of Quark India. But, I didn't get any positive response from that side.



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