DTD basics

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DTD basics

Post by sam452 » 13 Feb 2006, 14:18

I'm trying to see how the import/export of XML works in QXP 6.5 so I'm poring over the ave.Quark tutorial.

I've created a basic DTD based on Chapter 2, but I get an error complaining about whitespace. Cannot see why.

So I pull back and create one based exactly how I see page 20-21. I get the error below.

Error: Expected comment or CDATA, etc

I understand the XML examples have sample data in them, but the DTD examples are frustrating me.

Is there a sample DTD that I can copy and test so I can adapt my test DTD as a model?

thanx, sam


DTD basics

Post by Anonymous » 19 Feb 2006, 00:56

Have you tried duplicating (exporting) the whitepaper DTD sample as a .txt file and writing your own XML? I haven't tried this, but it seems like it would/should work.

Keep your DTD very simple, unless others on the list have specific ideas. Try also usung your free technical support benefit and contact Quark directly, rather than via the forums. Quark does read them but you'll get a faster reply by contacting them.



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