Snap 2007 Quark 9.5.1

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Snap 2007 Quark 9.5.1

Post by boats4sale » 11 Apr 2019, 06:27

For the past 15 years, I have simply imported provided pdf's and imported jpg pictures and text using Xdata (a great program) into a 64 page magazine. Printed on newspaper stock.

Now my printer tell me I have to switch to SNAP 2007. I downloaded Snap 2007 into my Profile Manager and put a check next to it. However, there are 36 other profiles checked in the Profile Manager. Do I uncheck all the other profiles and only check these two or just one of these, if so which one "US Newsprint (snap 2007)" and "SNAP 2007".

I have attached a list of the 38 other profiles now checked .

Plus, are there other places I need to change settings on also?

Thank You in advance.
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Re: Snap 2007 Quark 9.5.1

Post by MikeWenzloff » 11 Apr 2019, 07:51

Hi Boats,

I would use the US Newsprint (SNAP 2007) profile. The main reason is that t is the one I've downloaded from ECI in the (now distant) past. The other one (SNAP 2007) could be the same profile, just named differently.

You need to create both a Color Setup (Edit menu | Color Setups > | Output...) and an Output Style (Edit menu | Output Styles...).

For the Color Setup, I duplicated the PDF/X-1a PDF output style as the newspaper printers I use want a PDF/X-1a type of PDF. Then I use it for the PDF Output style.

And when exporting to PDF, just choose the appropriate PDF output profile in the Export dialog.

Take care, Mike
RE XData...I use both it and Em's Tagged Text XTensions. I wouldn't be without them!

Edit...I have no idea why the screen shots are being duplicated...
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