A possible solution to 7.3 that does not open due to "missin

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John Hudson
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A possible solution to 7.3 that does not open due to "m

Post by John Hudson » 22 Mar 2010, 12:47

I posted a message on the "General" forum but thought it might be helpful here too. I used QXP 7.3.1 without issue on a Windows Vista Ultimate PC for two years. In February I installed Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 because Quark's PDF conversion was inaccurate (dropped text or light backgroundsor shadows in text boxes layered on picture boxes where the backgrounds were supposed to be "empty"). While working with QXP 7.3.1, I converted one QXP file to an Acrobat PDF using "print to Adobe PDF." I eventually closed QXP. Later that day I went to useQXP and it would not open due to "missing or damaged color management components." No matter whatI tried (product maintenance/repair, modifying files or reinstalling the original 7.3.0) nothing worked. The program would not open. Quark Tech Service suggested reinstalling or upgrading to 7.5. That didn't work either. Thanks to a tip from one Erik Younger (if I got the name right), I removed Acrobat 9, QXP 7.5, cut internet service, disabled anti-virus and SpySweeper, reinstalled 7.3.0 and everything is back up and running properly.
It appears that when I used Acrobat 9 on a QXP file, it overwrote Quark's color management. Now the trick is to get both to work together.

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A possible solution to 7.3 that does not open due to "missin

Post by eyoungren » 22 Mar 2010, 14:01

Actually, it's Youngren, but you got my first name right which is major points! [:D] Just teasing! It's ok.
Just glad I could help and glad it's working. Good luck John.

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