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Illustrator Graphics with CVU color

Posted: 31 Jul 2007, 14:28
by Dina Nolin
I have quark 6.52 doc w/256 CVU illustrator graphic when I export from quark to pdf. The color palette in quark converts color to 256 U.
the type I set and colored in 256 U prints yet the graphics is gone.
If I just send color seps from quark doc. it separates correctly.
How do I get the 256 CVU graphic to transfer to pdf correctly.

thanks All

Illustrator Graphics with CVU color

Posted: 02 Aug 2007, 06:03
by Glenn McDowall
How are you separating.

If you go composite then there will be an extra ink/plate generated called 256CVU, it would be up to your RIP to extract this. If you go separated quark would normally put the whole composite EPS in the code of each Separtion so again it wou require the RIP to separate properly. I'm guessing that the ink mapping from CVU to U that quark applies to the separated postscript is confusing the RIP.

It may be that you need a tool like PItStop to map the CVU to U in a composite pdf. Then Separate that.

Illustrator Graphics with CVU color

Posted: 08 Aug 2007, 08:36
by a.hayton
Another way round it is to open the illustrator doc and rename the colour to U instead of CVU or change the name in Quark to CVU instead of U. The latter might be easier.