Unable to create PDF

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Unable to create PDF

Post by bhurley » 11 May 2007, 10:48

Here's a reoccuring problem. I am running Quark 6.5 and 7.2 on an intel Mac running 10.4.9.

In Quark 6.5, I have been creating PDF by choosing Export as PDF.

I started Quark 7 yesterday, and attempted to use the same procedure.

When I did, I got a "unable to create the "file Name.pdf" file.

Upon returning to 6.5, I now recieve the same message.

Get the same when exporting to ps.

I have trashed prefs, changed permissions, emptied the JAWS folder...

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Unable to create PDF

Post by leo_rules » 26 Jun 2007, 14:54

Install a virtual printer on your machine and then create the PDF from Quark. Please find in the steps to create the Virtual Printer:

Open the Printer Setup Utility by navigating to Mac HD > Applications > Utilities > Printer Setup Utility.
In the Printer List dialog box, click Add.
In the Printer Browser dialog box, click IP Printer.
Select IPP - Internet Printing Protocol from the protocol pop-up menu.
In the Address field, enter as the printers address.
In the Name field, enter as the printers address.
In the Printer Using field, select Apple PS as the printer.
Click Add, and then click Continue. Displays as a printer in the Printer List. Select this printer and click on Make Default.
Close the Printer Setup Utility.

Now Re-launch QuarkXPress and export layout as PDF.

Hope this helps. :D

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Unable to create PDF

Post by hopkinsprinting » 14 Nov 2007, 07:19


I am having the same problem as Scanman. I'd like to try your suggestion but I am unable to find "Apple PS" for the Printer Using field.

Any ideas?

Jon :-)

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Unable to create PDF

Post by hopkinsprinting » 14 Nov 2007, 09:32

Here's another update on my troubled file with this issue...

The file is a rather simple 2-color, 1 page document containing text, a couple of placed graphics (including a bitmap Photoshop image), and some boxes of color. One of the graphics has a drop shadow applied to it. The drop shadow sits over the Photoshop bitmap image which has been colored by Quark (fake monotone). Then the designer has applied different values of the color to the foreground and background.

Trying different flattener resolutions, using the "As Is" color output option, and updating Quark to 7.31 didn't help. If I remove the drop shadow, I get a PDF. If I remove the bitmap image, I get a PDF. If I remove both, I get a PDF.

To get around this, I removed the drop shadow and saved the Q7 file to Q4 and opened it with InDesign CS2. After re-applying the drop shadow with InDesign, I was able get a good PDF of the file.


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Unable to create PDF

Post by Micheluzzo » 16 Apr 2014, 09:03

Hello Leo,Yesterday started having this problem and headaches. I don't know how or why anyone would create a Virtual Printer to solve a PDF printing problem, but it worked! Thanks much for this old post!Leo Rules!

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