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Revoking / Checking in Extended Licenses

Posted: 02 Apr 2014, 09:18
by gregmacp
Hello. Looking for some guidance.

We use Quark 8 to build magazines, and we run QLA 4.5 on our server.
In all, we have 7 licenses.
At any given time, we seem to have four that are accessible in the "Licenses Checked Out" area.
Two are eaten up by their longterm, permanent inclusion in Extended Licenses Checked Out. I would like to know how to revoke / check in these as one is out until September and the other is almost a full year out.
The seventh seems to be in permanent reserve, possibly in a "pool" that was mistakenly setup.
Needless to say, we're not IT people. We're sharing the four available licenses (opening/closing) and would like to access the full seven.
Open to suggestions on getting some good help to fix these things.