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Can't get QLA 4.5 to work on 10.6.8

Posted: 03 Feb 2014, 04:59
by RonnyBaer
Dear community,

today I had to install the QLA on a server of our customers, because the old one crashed this weekend.
I downloaded the brand new QLA 4.5 from ... egion.html (see post t/32237.aspx) and installed it. But when the installation ends, the setup doesn't show me any IP or MAC adress of the server. It only showes me two black dashes for these values. And when I look in the application folder, the Machineinfo.txt wasn't created as well. After that I copied the new created license file in the application folder and restarted the machine. But when I try to start the QLA, it starts and end it immediately. Idon't get any error messages or informations, why it istn't starting. I also checked the Java settings and set the 32Bit version on the top.
Please, can anybody help me?