Moving QLA to New Server

Discuss Quark® License Administrator (QLA) setup and functionality, which allows you to run concurrent licenses of QuarkXPress inside your organization.
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Moving QLA to New Server

Post by sliferdesigns » 15 Jan 2009, 07:10

I set up our current qla server a couple years ago and basically forgot about it. Now we need to move it to a different machine. Is there a document that outlines the steps? Or can someone give me a quick checklist?
Thank you.

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Moving QLA to New Server

Post by JRS » 15 Jan 2009, 07:42

Well, your license file includes the Ethernet/MAC address of the server machine, so that's the main point. You should probably download and install the current QLA version. Then log in to your account and create a new license file with the new server's IP address and MAC address, download that and install in the new QLA server folder. That's the basics, there may be more to it if you want to preserve current checked out license information, but I'd refer you to the documentation on that part.

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Moving QLA to New Server

Post by Navpreet » 15 Jan 2009, 07:58

In order to move the server to the new machine please follow the steps below:
Download the latest version QLA 4.5 installer from the following URL:
MAC: ... taller.dmg
Run the installer
Download the license file (QLALicense.dat) from the URL below: ... anguage=en
Save the downloaded file QLALicense.dat into the Server folder that exists at the following location:
WINDOWS XP: My Computer >> CDrive >> Program Files >> Quark >>Quark_License_Administrator >> Server
MAC: MAC HD//Applications//Quark >>Quark_License_Administrator >> Server
Now restart the server machine.
The New Server will be ready to go.
We also have to make changes to the QuarkXPress application file in the QuarkXPress Application folder needs to be updated with the new Server IP address
Location of this file is as follows:
Windows : My computer// Cdrive//Program files//Quark//QuarkXPress //
MAC: HDD//Applications//QuarkXPress//
I hope this helps!
In caseof anyfurther queries please PM me your details so that we can help you further.

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Moving QLA to New Server

Post by sliferdesigns » 15 Jan 2009, 08:05

Thanks for the quick response! So, when I create/download/install the new license file, what happens to the old server? Does it know there is another license server on the network and stops giving out licenses?

Preeti Kashyap
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Moving QLA to New Server

Post by Preeti Kashyap » 15 Jan 2009, 20:54

The old server will still be functional even if you will install it on the new machine.
However I would recommend you to uninstall the QLA server on the old machine and then install the new one.
As according to the license agreement we can install QLA server only on one machine at a time.

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Moving QLA to New Server

Post by mark.m » 27 Jan 2012, 07:58

I've done this, but it's telling me 'license not found' when I try to start the server. Also, when I generate a license file, I don't point to the old file (since it's on a different server). Should I?

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