Limited to One day license

Discuss Quark® License Administrator (QLA) setup and functionality, which allows you to run concurrent licenses of QuarkXPress inside your organization.
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Limited to One day license

Post by drwarbak » 13 Mar 2009, 10:03

My IT director recently gave me a new MacBook Pro. He copied all my information from my other drive, and installed the latest version of Quark for me. However, now it will not let me check out a license for more than one day. IT manager has reset the QLA, and IT director has confirmed that the QLA is set to allow a 30 day license. I am the only one having this trouble.I had the license checked out when he copied the data to the new hard drive, so I wonder if that has something to do with it. I am due to go out of town soon and need to get this issue resolved before then. Any help would be appreciated.

Tech Xpress
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Limited to One day license

Post by Tech Xpress » 16 Mar 2009, 08:36

This proble occurs only if QLA control panel is not set to allow a License check out for more than a day (1 day is default). Ensure that IT person has set the limit to 30 days (As you say). If thats already done, Try one of following:
1. Ask your IT person to generate a remote license file for you for required number of days (It works same at extended checkout). you need to put remote license file (named: XPress7.x.dat) in your QuarkXPress application folder. Launch QuarkXPress and it will not look for QLA server instead will launch based on the information in local license file (remote license file on your machine)
2. Copy installed QuarkXPress application from any MAC (where it allows to do an extended checkout for 30 days)and paste it on your machine and then do the checkout for 30 days.
You can go off network.

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