Can't get new license

Discuss Quark® License Administrator (QLA) setup and functionality, which allows you to run concurrent licenses of QuarkXPress inside your organization.
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Can't get new license

Post by jorowi » 22 Jun 2004, 07:47

I'm trying to d/l a new license for my server and get an error message returned that my license files are in use. I uninstalled QLA from the old server already. How do I get a new license file?


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Can't get new license

Post by Streak » 29 Jun 2004, 17:54

What version of QLA are you using and what operating system is it installed on?

Seems like you tried to create a new account on our website..........but what you really need to do is access your existing account (the older one) and make the required changes to that file.

If you do not remember that, try this.

Go to Choose English for language and Americas for region and click on 'Continue'. The next page will give you a link to get the login info if you have forgotten it. Type in your QuarkXPress serial number there and click on 'Get information'. Voila.

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