QLA Server Question

Discuss Quark® License Administrator (QLA) setup and functionality, which allows you to run concurrent licenses of QuarkXPress inside your organization.
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QLA Server Question

Post by jorowi » 21 Jun 2004, 09:36

If I change QLA servers do I need to reinstall the client on all machines?

Server "A" now has QLA running on it and all clients point to it. I need to move QLA to Server "B" because Server "A" is being retired.

I'm using QLA 3.0 on Windows 2000 SP4 and moving to Windows 2k3.


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QLA Server Question

Post by Rhea » 21 Jun 2004, 17:10

No, you need not reinstall, neither the QLA control Panel nor the QXP copy. Incase of:

QLA Control Panel, you need to navigate to "QLAContolLog.Properties" and change the IP Address and Port Number.

QuarkXPress, navigate to "QLAClient.Properties" and change the IP address and Port Number.

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