Dejavu Xtension help required

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Dejavu Xtension help required

Post by pixie » 08 Apr 2012, 09:14

I hope someone can help me. My hard drive crashed recently and I lost some important work. I now have a new hard drive and have reinstalled Quark Xpress 8 on my system. When I open Quark, a list of recent files that I worked on when I had the old hard drive pops up on the welcome screen which I can access, however the important file that I need isn't one of them. My question is this; is it possible to change the recent files list that appears on the welcome screen so that I can access the file I need or am I stuck with that list?If someone can help me I would be most grateful!Thanks,Kelly

Graham PM (Quark)
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Dejavu Xtension help required

Post by Graham PM (Quark) » 08 Apr 2012, 16:32

Deja Vu stores the information about recently used XPress files in the Preferences folder. Did you restore QXP from a backup? I ask this because of course the original Preferences folder went up in smoke with your old drive. If you did restore from backup, then, of course, your preferences will contain Deja Vu information from the old drive. That information is no longer of any use, I'm afraid. If you clear your Preferences, the list of recent files will disappear.

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