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Headers & Contents for Quark 9

Post by Russell Talbert » 16 Nov 2011, 04:54

I am the software administrator for our company's graphics/publishing department and have been collecting information on upgrading to Quark 9. One of the most vital Xtensions we use is the Headers & Contents from ESS-GMBH to populate headers, footers, tabs and other page elements as well as generating author and keyword indicies for the books we create. On Friday, 11/11, I made an inquiry as to the availability and pricing of the upgrade version of the Xtension and their response was "We have currently no plans to develop a new version for QXP 9." Needless to say, I and the people in my department are ticked off. This is going to affect macros, scripts, workflows, and require some serious time and labor to recover.

For indexing: I've looked at Sonar Bookends. This MAY offer a solution, but we don't need to collect every name or keyword contained in the text, only those specified by our clients. I've also looked at using the 'Lists' feature of Quark, but there are times where the data I need to collect uses different style sheets within the document and I can't seem to reconcile the possible conflicts that could arise with duplicates or changing style sheets to accommodate.
For headers, footers, tabs, etc.: We currently use Autopage, Xtags, and H&C to layout and populate these items. Most of our books use at least one of these. Our clients won't go for eliminating them altogether and our workload won't allow us to compensate manually.

I'm just beginning my research into this, so this is all off the top of my head. Does anyone have suggestions for a replacement, workaround, Applescript, etc.? Does Quark 9 add these features and the reason ESS isn't going to be developing an upgrade?

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