Is there any API/method to create a "Hyperlink Destinat

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Is there any API/method to create a "Hyperlink Destinat

Post by ManS » 10 Aug 2011, 02:34

I am writing an xtension plugin for QXP6.5 in which I need to add few hyperlink destinations on the Quark's standard Hyperlink palette programmatically.
I've gone through the Hyperlink Chapter and also looked into the Hyperlink's Function group but there is only api/method related to hyperlink and not on hyperlink destination.
Can anybody tell me whether it could be possilbe to add destinations on the hyperlink palette and if yes then where and what are the api/methods to use. If anybody need more clarification about what i want to do I can write more descriptive but this is also enough to start.
Since this is very urgent for me hence any help or suggestion is highly admirable.

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