Quark 8 PC Version - .qxd to .ppt converter

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Quark 8 PC Version - .qxd to .ppt converter

Post by maximus1976 » 30 Jun 2011, 03:03

I have been searching in vain for ages to find a XT that will allow me to convert my quark generated artwork into a power point presentation (don't ask^^). Nearest i found was an x2POWER XT for mac and it was made in 2005.
Does any one know if I can export my quark file to powerpoint?

perhaps using the web layout? seems very similiar?

is it possible to convert my layout to web layout and then maybe to power point?

any ways would really appreciate some help with this as I loathe to try and recreate the whole project in powerpoint.

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Quark 8 PC Version - .qxd to .ppt converter

Post by max.peter » 30 Jun 2011, 17:30

First of all, QuakXPress is not made for jobs like this, its primary jobs are different.
If you really need such conversion, you can make it in two steps:
- export your layout as PDF
- use the PDF file for creating a Power Point presentation.
Note that you can also use a PDF document as a presentation which can be run in the free Adobe Reader.

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Sarbjit Singh
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Quark 8 PC Version - .qxd to .ppt converter

Post by Sarbjit Singh » 01 Jul 2011, 00:53

One of the easiest methods is:Download Image Exporter for QuarkXPress 8.1 from this link:http://www.quarkalliance.com/index.php? ... emid=30Now you can export all the pages of your layout as JPEG images. Use them as it is to create a PowerPoint presentation.

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