XTensions Loading Error

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XTensions Loading Error

Post by KofCtech » 27 Sep 2007, 14:36

I have a user with this issue, we have a total of about 40 machines, only this one has this problem. I already called Customer Service and ended up reinstalling the software. Nothing they offered as ideas worked :cry: , and after a few days of reinstalling, the error came back. I would also suggest to check the event viewer. I found some interesting messages. The Table import extension also goes in hand with the failure of XLinterface.dll. I am lost at this point on how to resolve this. My user is very aggravated. :x

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XTensions Loading Error

Post by kdalton » 01 Oct 2007, 15:00

I am reinstalling 7.3 for the second time in a week now. WOULD SOMEONE AT QUARK PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

Calvin Porter
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XTensions Loading Error

Post by Calvin Porter » 20 Oct 2007, 07:19

I have now reinstalled 7.3 several times. The Xtension Module loads for a few days and then the Table Imports XTension Module Error reappears. I have concluded that there is a problem in the 7.3 software that needs to be fixed. Until it is I have decided to turn off that XTension Module and not even try to use it. This has been extremely frustrating. It is a useful XTension Module when it is working correctly.

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XTensions Loading Error

Post by appple » 01 Oct 2008, 03:29

We're using 2 copies of QX 7.5 on 2 different wxp pcs, and havin' this problem since we've changed from 4.1 to 7.0. I already know (mostly from your comments), that reinstalling the app is not the adequate solution. So what is? It's so annoying, that I cannot help my two cute colleagues, but I really want to[A]

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XTensions Loading Error

Post by Nate » 21 Apr 2009, 09:23

[:)]The only solution I found to this is to downgrade from 7.3 to 7.0. You will still be able to use your 7.3 documents since they are the same version. My X-Tension has been working for over a monthand a half nowwith no problems. Unless you use Vista I wouldn'teven worry about any upgradesin this version.
I would not upgrade to 8.03 and if you did and needed this extension I would have them give me my money back. A lot of people are reporting 8.03 not working with that extension. I refuse to upgrade till I find out if Quark cares to fix their xtension they designed. We use the table extension here on every document.

Ilya zharskiy
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XTensions Loading Error

Post by Ilya zharskiy » 12 May 2009, 19:01

the same problemtables import extention not loading in Quark 8.03program reinstalling did not help

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XTensions Loading Error

Post by beckiicts » 10 Sep 2009, 05:23

Application Data!
I had the same problem with you guys for one of my users. I did try re-installing (removing the Table xtension) to no avail. Renamed her Quark folder in her application data folder in her profile and it loaded up with no error messages!
for home/stand alone users:C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data (%username% is the account you logon your pc with and the application data folder may be hidden so you'll need to unhide it Tools>Folder Options>View tab> Show hidden files and folders)
Network users: it'll be located in their network profiles or located in the same folder as their main 'My documents' folder, but every network is different.
I will keep you updated whether this resolves our troubles.

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