Vista crashes

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Vista crashes

Post by Chadmanii » 06 Apr 2005, 11:34

O.K. Here is what I don't understand about Quark:

1) If Quark Vista requires Full Res Preview v. 6.5, then why didn't the 6.5 upgrade install it?

2) They feign ignorance. e.g. "I can't reproduce a conflict between the two on my machine." They must know that the 6.5 upgrade did not install the updated Full Res XT.

3) It is alway the user's problem. e.g. "What version of the Full Res preview XT are *you* loading?" (emphasis added). Well, I was loading the one that was installed by *your* software. You can also see this "User is at fault" tack in the post from 12/14/04.

Wouldn't it be easier for Quark to just say that during their "rigorous testing" that there is a known conflict between previous versions of the full res XT, that the upgrade did not install the current one, and that we should download and install it. (Perhaps in an ideal world include a link to the download.)

I'm sorry for venting, and I don't know if anyone is actually reading this. i hope the following is helpful:

I , too, had the same problem. Quark unexpectedly quit when I used Vista. I installed the latest verion of Full Res preview XT and now it works. It's that simple.

The Mac version of the XT can be found here: ... view65.hqx

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