Instructions for sample assets (Video Players)

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Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Instructions for sample assets (Video Players)

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 16 Mar 2010, 04:05

Hi all,
here are some small instructions on how to use the Video Players provided:

[*]Drag the Video Player you want to use out of the library.[*]For it to work you need to load a video into the large picture box. For that, using a content tool (as the elements are grouped) select the picture box. Note, it is called VideoCONTENT in Object tab of the Interactive Palette.[*]Have a FLV (Flash Video file) ready. In the Object tab select External Reference in the Video popup of this object. Enter the URL of the video.[/olist]
Note that when you specify absolute references (e.g. a file path on your desktop or a URL like these need to be accessible from the outside world, otherwise once you put the SWF on your web server, the video will not display.
A better way of using references are relative links, e.g. just the file name (like video.flv). Then your video only needs to be in the same folder as the SWF, regardless whether you play this from your Desktop or put it on your web server.

If you want the Video Player to be a floating window, you need to
[olist][*]Perform the three steps listed above[*]Select the outer box, name it (e.g. VideoPlayer) in Object tab of Interactive Palette and make it type Window, display as Non-modal Window, style As Designed, Position Center on screen.[*]You need a page entry script or an event to open the window. Simply assign the action Window > Open > VideoPlayer to any object (or page).[*]You should think about making the Video Player moveable and closeable.[*]To make it closeable: Select the Close textbox, name it (in Object tab of Interactive palette) as Close. In Event tab for event Click up assign action Window > Close > VideoPlayer.[*]To make it moveable you need to assign to actions to two events. E.g. create a new object, name it Dragbar. In Events tab for Click down event assign action Window > Drag > VideoPlayer. For Click Up of the same object assign action Window > Drop > VideoPlayer.[/olist]
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