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external reference image

Post by Lisascarlet » 22 May 2013, 06:06

Hi, I have been struggling for some time to reduce flash files to under 50k. Have tried all options suggested on quark faq, and still cant manage this. However I tried the option-display image, then external reference. I tried file, which has a path to an image on my hard drive. All works fine using 3 different pics, any file is 45k - perfect! and images look sharp....however when I export to swf. and send to third party, they can't see the images. Is this because they are local to me so I can view them fine?. If so how do I extenally reference pics, do they need to be on a server...the clients server? and how do they go about that, do they set up a url for me, and can I then upload images to it, and the object-display image - external reference - url?Can I create a web page myself, with pics on it. how do I get a url?

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external reference image

Post by shaharaperil » 10 Jun 2013, 04:05

Externally referenced images or movies do have to be somewhere on the internet. Anywhere would work, as long as they are accessible through a web browser. If your client is hosting a Flash file, then they probably already have a website set up and it probably already has an "images" folder in it. You could place the photos in that images folder (or give the client the images and let them do it) and then the external reference link you would use in Quark would be that images folder.

For example, if their website was called SprinklesVSJimmies.com, and the images folder was in the main root of their website, and you had an image called sprinkles.jpg, your external references would look something like this:




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