Determine typeface in existing document

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Determine typeface in existing document

Post by alfred_bowman » 04 Jun 2013, 02:13

I am a noviceworking with an existing document in XPress 4.1, there being no budget for any later version. It uses a typeface I am not familiar with. Is there a quick way of determining the name of this typeface?

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Determine typeface in existing document

Post by max.peter » 04 Jun 2013, 09:23

Are you sure your document is an interactive one? Version 4.1 cannot generate something like this.
If it is a document intended for print, select some text in a text box and look to the font scroll list from the measurement palette. The name of the font must appear here.
I do not remeber quite well version 4.1 (there are probably ten years since I've upgraded), but try the Utilities > Usage > Fonts command.
Hope these can help you.


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