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please help!! problem with coding for google banners

Posted: 03 Jun 2013, 01:36
by Lisascarlet
Hi, please help its driving me mad!!! After submitting my .swf file the following error occuredFlash performs disallowed operation - network accessI set up the banner with clickTAG with target blank - empty box on a top layer in quark (object basic none home), event>preferences>user event>click up(which is bold for some reason?) > action open url > method enter url > url 1 (url expression clickTAG) > open url in new window. clickTAG is in variables - string. Have had no problems before, just with google. Below is link providing google spec ... ?hl=en#and also pasted here is the bit about clicktag.....Google doesn't allow Flash ads that don't support the clickTAG variable. The clickTAG is the tracking code assigned by Google to an individual ad. It allows Google to register where the ad was displayed when it was clicked and helps advertisers determine the effectiveness of their campaign.On any click, Flash ads should redirect to the URL specified in the clickTAG argument; there should be no other redirection in between.The variable name must be spelled "clickTAG" (upper-case TAG; no space between click and TAG) and not "click tag," "Click Tag," or any other form.ClickTAG parameter code for ActionScript 2: on (release) { if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") { getURL(clickTAG, "_blank"); } }ClickTAG parameter code for ActionScript 3:import;import;// ......someButton_or_displayObject_to_receive_mouseClick.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, function(event: MouseEvent) : void { URLRequest( root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG), "_blank"); } );Replace someButton_or_displayObject_to_receive_mouseClick with the actual name of button that will receive the click.Note that it's not necessary to specify the destination URL for the ad anywhere in this code; this is taken care of through the usage of clickTAG. Also, depending on the structure of your Flash ad, it may be necessary to prepend "_root." or "_level0." to "clickTAG" above, resulting in "_root.clickTAG" or "_level0.clickTAG". It is strongly recommended to upload the ad into your account and verify that the ad is behaving normally prior to it going live, allowing time for any necessary changes.How do I implement this in interactive pallet?