Creating a sliding image banner

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Creating a sliding image banner

Post by IanLJ » 16 Jan 2013, 09:22

HiCan anyone offer any advice on the best way to create a sliding image banner similar to the on this site thanks. Ian

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Creating a sliding image banner

Post by shaharaperil » 14 May 2013, 04:42

That's very easy.

1. Create your interactive layout and add 3 pages to it. Each page represents one slide in the banner's animation.

2. Design each page.

3. Add buttons to handle navigation.
Buttons can be made using either text or pictures. You just have to name them as objects and assign actions to them.
The buttons on the right and left can be set to perform the action Display Next Page and Display Previous Page.
There are ways you can get the image to slide off to the side, but it's probably a lot easier and just as effective to just have the pages fade in and out.
Add buttons labelled 1, 2 and 3 to each page of the layout and set them to perform the action Display and select the specific page number.

4. Set up the pages to automatically advance from one page to the next.
From the Pages tab in the Interactive window, you can select each page and set it to Auto Advance every 5 seconds.

This will give you a flash file that automatically advances every 5 seconds, allows users to flip to the next page, and gives users the ability to go to a specific page, just like your example.

I summarized the steps, but if you need clarification on how you would go about accomplishing any of them, let me know and I've give you more details.


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