Tip: How to build a preloader (example)

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Tip: How to build a preloader (example)

Post by Jonathan » 28 Aug 2007, 03:42

Hi, Matthias and jacques,

The project is currently coming across to you via email, Matthias.

jacques, thanks for that suggestion, it could well be a way to go. However, as both .swf files are placed in an Web Layout page, I am not currently sure how I would go about that. Let's see if Matthias can pinpoint the problem and perhaps he will use your suggestion in finding me a fix.


PS: Sorry for the delay in my response - Bank Holiday here yesterday.

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Tip: How to build a preloader (example)

Post by Odin » 19 Nov 2010, 01:39

I have a problem with placement of sereval SWF layouts in the same html layout:
I have the html index file with variable with to center the SWF, (which seems to mix it up)!
I insert the main SWF into this html file, and it center it very fine.
I make another litlle layout with a text like "page is loading, please wait" (with a script to hide it after 5 seconds). I insert it into the index html file, in front of the first main SWF! If I am lucky it sometimes shows, but in a completely other place - mostly I cannot even see it. If I place it behind the main SWF, the center the page thing mixes up! Even if I try to put a htlm text behind the main SWF it mixes up!


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