Assessing Variables from another SWF

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Please note that Flash (SWF) authoring is not supported in QuarkXPress 10 anymore.
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Assessing Variables from another SWF

Post by coxie » 25 Jun 2007, 08:29

We have created a few files from our Quark documents using QI.. what we need to do is load these swfs into an application that control swhich to display. We need some method for the QI created SWFs to talk to the control app.

Is it possible for the variables used in a QI SWF to be accessed from an application that loads the QI SFW's?? We tried and can't refernce them eg. ObjectToWeLoadedQIinto.Variable1

Where ObjectToWeLoadedQIinto was an object in a Flash App, this loaded the QI SWF fine .. and Variable1 was updated in an expression within and action on a button in QI SWF.

Any thoughts?

Coxie + techie

Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Assessing Variables from another SWF

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 25 Jun 2007, 08:43

Hi, Coxie,

please keep in mind that Interactive Designer was developed having the designer in mind, not build a development platform.

However I can guess your use case, you probably want to integrate with a development tool like Flash CS3, right? May I ask what you are trying to achieve?

Anyhow, I will have to ask our R&D department to answer this question, whether it is possible technically.

We will get back to you.


Manpreet (Quark)
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Assessing Variables from another SWF

Post by Manpreet (Quark) » 26 Jun 2007, 03:39

Hi Coxie,

It is technically possible to do this. You seem to be on right track for achieving this :)

Before we discuss the solution, I have a question for you: Is Variable1 being set in entry script of QID project or is it on click of some QID object?

As a sidenote, you will be able to access the variable after the loaded QID SWF has been initialised i.e. after MovieClipLoader.onLoadInit event has been received.



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