Uploading a flash video to ForceTen

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Please note that Flash (SWF) authoring is not supported in QuarkXPress 10 anymore.
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Uploading a flash video to ForceTen

Post by DanielleC » 20 Apr 2011, 05:29

I have created a flash video but when I upload it to our elearning platform ForceTen I only get the flash(video controls created in Quark) but the video itself (the FLV file) is not there. How can I upload the FLV file integral to the SWF file? Is that possible? I triedusing an external link and directing to the URL of the FLV file but that does not work. Any ideas?

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Uploading a flash video to ForceTen

Post by Kanav » 20 Apr 2011, 18:39

Hi DanielleC,

While exporting the layout to adobe flash, video file is converted to .flv file. And that converted .flv file places into a seperate folder (named as "LayoutName_VideoFiles") which is created on the same place where you are exporting your swf file.
So please make sure that you are uploading all the exported stuff (.swf file and "LayoutName_VideoFiles" folder) on the platform from where you want to execute your video file.
Hope it helps !!


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