Video playing in background under moving text.

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Video playing in background under moving text.

Post by woodka » 07 Jun 2010, 04:32

I'm trying to play a video in the background as I move text over the image/video and I can't seem to get the video to play. Currently I am adding an action in my script (play video), but its not working. What are the correct steps and what is the best format for the video?The current format is flv

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Video playing in background under moving text.

Post by Kanav » 07 Jun 2010, 18:46

Hi Woodka,
Steps to play the video in background:

1. Create an Interactive > Presentation layout.
2. Create a video object and select the .flv format file using External Reference dialog box from Video drop down of Objects tab.
3. Now go to Scripts tab and create a new script say Script1.
4. Associate Play Video action with "Script1".
5. Move to pages tab and set Script1 in Entry Script drop down.
6. Click on SWF Preview.

Hope it helps.


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