September 2016 Release Notification for Enterprise

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September 2016 Release Notification for Enterprise

Post by jaiken » 06 Sep 2016, 14:38

We are proud to close the summer with a significant new software update coming later this month. The September 2016 update adds many features and improvements. Our first Enterprise software delivery integrating QuarkXPress 2016 technology, this release also extends usability and updates several infrastructure components to deliver key business functionality and better support emerging IT demand for enterprise software.

As you plan for this upgrade, we wanted to give you a preview to highlight what's coming and to remind you to look to the updated documentation for upgrade steps, changes to configuration, and deprecation announcements.

With the season turning to thoughts of plentiful harvest, we hope you enjoy feasting on the many new features and quality improvements provided to you in this release.

Quark Publishing Platform
  • Dynamic configuration - our new REST-based configuration service allows you to define and initialize publishing activities, channels, and content types without restarting the server application
  • Scalability enhancement - multi-server deployments can now leverage Elasticsearch to avoid regenerating the search index for each application node
  • PowerPoint and Visio components - in XML Author and Quark Author, you can now reference specific slides and pages as components, enhancing the creation of visually-rich content and management of a wide variety of asset types in the system, including these popular Microsoft Office file formats
  • Integration with QuarkXPress Server 2016 - you can now leverage QuarkXPress 2016 features, including HTML5 publications as a native output format
  • Highlighted infrastructure upgrades
    • Spring Framework updated to 4.2.6
    • Apache Lucene updated to 5.5
    • CKEditor updated to 4.5.11
    • Aspose Cells updated to 8.9.2
    • ImageMagick updated to

QuarkXPress Server
  • QuarkXPress 2016 technology - for the first time, enterprise customers can directly access the amazing new feature set, including pixel-perfect HTML5 publications as an output format and the ability to paste a variety of formats as native objects, fast-tracking your ability to get rich designs into your enterprise templates
  • Generated index publishing - producing a rich index for your publications is significantly extended to support our tools for structured authoring and available to anyone using our XML-based layout model for content automation
  • Equation publishing for Quark Author - publish complex mathematical equations to multiple formats using our new integration with Wiris (equations are already supported in XML Author through our Mathtype integration)
  • Automated table layouts - enhanced rules for complex tabular content give you the controls you asked for when it comes to producing the highest quality tables ever available to automated publishing systems
  • Infrastructure on the cloud - with configuration, you can now manage your QuarkXPress servers using Microsoft Azure, enabling an array of system monitoring, performance testing, and scalability options at a much lower cost
  • DITA Open Toolkit - you can use QuarkXPress Server as a publishing engine for your DITA content using the popular DITA Open Toolkit, enabling both the design power and many output types in QuarkXPress Server

Quark Author
  • Ribbon - quickly find the toolbar icons you want with our new ribbon-based UI; ribbon groups and tabs are also configurable
  • Section editing - you can now promote/demote sections in your document hierarchy and change sections from one type to another
  • Offline mode - edit checked-out documents offline, so the fun continues while you're on an airplane or otherwise disconnected from the network; this new feature is only supported by Chrome browsers and requires HTTPS configuration
  • Math equations - editing equations is easy with our new Wiris integration
  • Enhanced table editing - easily select cells and do splits and merges both horizontally and vertically
  • Index authoring - generate index terms to build an auto-generated index in your output
  • New options for diagrams - reference visually-rich Visio pages and PowerPoint slides as components
  • Enhanced accessibility - save on repetitive stress and make yourself more efficient using an array of new, configurable keyboard shortcuts to access and navigate the authoring interface

Quark XML Author
  • Referencing enhancements - add document cross-references, define titles, and set custom formats
  • Hyperlinked images - add interactivity to your content with images that resolve to Web links
  • Page breaks in tables - organize data in longer tables by adding page breaks that impact your print output
  • View final markup - you can now cycle through multiple views for your tracked changes
  • Validation - catch potential content errors before you save, with friendly alert messages
  • Infrastructure upgrade - modernize your deployment with Word 2016; we no longer support Word 2007
  • Table performance - open and save documents with lots of complicated tables in almost half the time

Microsoft Office and Quark XML Author Adapters
  • New options for diagrams - you can reference visually-rich Visio pages and PowerPoint slides as components in XML Author
  • Usability enhancements for DITA maps - you can now pin component references, create new sections from a map, and configure status-based color shading for topic and map references
  • Save all components - users can enjoy better editing usability by saving all open components in both BUSDOCS and DITA
  • Word Reviewer for XML Author - enable Platform-based collaboration with Word users without installing extra client software or invalidating your XML Author documents
  • New Visio Adapter - Microsoft Visio users can now create and open files on the Platform server like you can with PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • Highlighted infrastructure upgrades
    • .NET 4.6.2
    • Office 365/Office 2016 support (for both Office and XML Author Adapters)
    • 64-bit Microsoft Office support (for Office Adapters only)
    • Visual Studio 2015

Platform XTensions for QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk
  • Compatibility update - Platform XTensions for QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk features are now compatible with QuarkXPress 2016
  • Highlighted infrastructure upgrades
    • Mac OS 10.10
    • .NET 4.6.2
    • Visual Studio 2015
    • Windows VC++ v14 runtime

Deprecation announcements
To keep our technology current and provide the highest possible value to our customers and system integrators, we occasionally need to make way for the new and let go of some of the old. As always, we are interested in communicating these changes at least one software release ahead of the change to give you time to prepare. In addition to our usual upgraders, we shall provide additional detail and support to assist those most impacted by the changes.
  • Deprecated APIs
    • QXmlEditor – this API interface is still available in the September Update, but shall not be available in future releases. This API shall be replaced by the new QXmlEditorEx interface. Note that any features required for offline mode are required to use this interface starting with the September 2016 Update.
    • DWR (Dynamic Web Remoting) – this library is still available in the September Update, but shall not be available in future releases
  • Deprecated database version - SQL Server 2008 R2 is still available in the September Update, but shall not be available in future releases because we'll be updating our support to SQL Server 2016.

How do I learn more?
For a complete breakdown of what's new in this release, how to upgrade or for any other questions, please contact your support representative by visiting Please note that enterprise upgrades are only available to customers with current maintenance agreements.

As always, our updated documentation set shall soon appear online and via the Quark Alliance network.

You can also start a new topic here on our forums.

Jason Aiken
Sr. Product Manager, Quark Enterprise Solutions

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