March 2018 Release Notification for Enterprise

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March 2018 Release Notification for Enterprise

Post by jaiken » 30 Mar 2018, 12:16

We're celebrating Spring 2018 with a new enterprise update focused on customer responsiveness and quality improvement. Here's a brief introduction to the latest maintenance release from Quark.

Consistent with our last several enterprise releases, we're showing our commitment to customer responsiveness by delivering priority improvements which impact dozens of enterprise customers. We know that your content automation projects depend on delivering important fixes and features to your business users as quickly as possible, so we make every effort to provide timely releases which allow you to accelerate results.

Sophisticated content requires sophisticated features to better support content creation across collaborating teams, so this release delivers important usability enhancements which matter most to subject matter experts. For example, we continue to build on a long list of features to help content creators more efficiently create and reuse content. A major highlight in March 2018 is our support for indirect referencing for those customers using DITA. We've also expanded our support for detailed reference notes and supplied several important enhancements to help streamline the content editing experience. 

For more detail, please review our documentation for critical information which can help you succeed with this important update.

Quark Publishing Platform
  • API enhancements - developers will appreciate having some new superpowers like querying all assets and changing content type attributes---important extensions which help development teams manage an evolving, growing system that operates with other enterprise applications in your ecosystem
  • Messaging enhancements - additional messages mean more business insight, so we've added extra messaging to capture details related to session log-offs and asset deletion
  • Highlighted infrastructure updates - the latest Aspose 18.1 software library brings quality improvement to our customers, and this release includes an update so that all may benefit

QuarkXPress Server
  • Compatibility with the January 2018 maintenance update to QuarkXPress - QuarkXPress 13.2.1 delivered key quality improvements which matter to many valued customers, including those using QuarkXPress for enterprise use cases
  • Modifier enhancements - the Quark modifier schema, a powerful server-based technology which helps automate many advanced publishing scenarios, has been enhanced to support a growing range of recent QuarkXPress features related to master spreads, gradients, blend modes, page guides, text strokes, and more

Quark Author Web Edition
  • Reference note enhancements - following on our last release, we continue to expand our support for inline styling and semantic structures, which now include support for hyperlinks and copy/paste improvements
  • Document validation - we added a user-friendly dialog to help content authors resolve infrequent structural problems in specialized Smart Content configurations, reducing the risk of lost work and ensuring successful downstream content processing necessary for omni-channel delivery
  • Deep taxonomy - first released in June 2017, our attractive metadata UI for content-level taxonomy provides improved support for polyhierarchies, so that your trees of trees appear better to business users

Quark XML Author
  • Reuse milestone - our DITA configuration now supports keys, references by indirection, which help maximize your ability to leverage efficiencies and personalization across your entire information set
  • Increased language support - your content needs to serve a global marketplace and our level of support, working in concert with the power of Microsoft Word, now fully supports CJK language authoring as well as advanced scenarios introduced by bidirectional content authoring inherent to Arabic and Hebrew
  • Priority quality improvements - the XML Author team continues to enable customer success by delivering several key quality improvements for multiple enterprise customers

Microsoft Office and Quark XML Author Adapters
  • XML Author Adapters enhancements - we added several usability enhancements to our Platform Adapters for XML Author to help business users accomplish common tasks more quickly
    • Efficiency enhancements - business users will appreciate our new ribbon buttons to view revisions, edit all components, and pin/unpin all components
    • Performance - when saving a document with many components, we continue to deliver performance gains by limiting canvas redraws and unnecessary client/server traffic
  • Office Adapters quality improvements - responding to customer demand, we provided several key fixes to enhance the feature set when working with Excel or PowerPoint assets

Platform XTensions for QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk
  • Compatibility update - Platform XTensions for QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk features are now compatible with the latest version of QuarkXPress 2017

  • Deprecated database version - Oracle Database 11gR2 is still available in the March 2018 Update, but shall not be available in future releases once we update our support to Oracle Database 12c. Oracle plans to transition 11gR2 to Extended Support after December 2018.
  • Updates have been made to the 3rd party software list shipped with the software.
  • Older enterprise products are nearing end of life for support, so please check our Knowledge Base and kick off your upgrade plan!

How to learn more?
For a complete breakdown of what’s new in this release or for any other questions, please contact your support representative by visiting

See our full documentation set, available here:

We'd love to hear your feedback. Please start a conversation here on our Enterprise forums!

Jason Aiken
Sr. Product Manager, Quark Enterprise Solutions

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