copydesk articles import is slow

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copydesk articles import is slow

Post by unbehaun » 29 Jan 2010, 05:45

I just use XPress 7 togehter with CopyDesk 7 for a time. Now I did drive a test with Quark XPress 8 and CopyDesk articles. When I import a CopyDesk article and I check the option "with style sheets" it lasts about 10 seconds, until the text is completely loaded. I used also CopyDesk 8 - the same result. When the option "with style sheets" is not checked, the text is immediately loaded. The 10 seconds delay is allways the same - even at short texts and long texts. Why ist there a delay?
I can't remember to have this delay when using Xpress 7 with CopyDesk 7. This might be not really a problem, when you have only several texts on a page. But in our workflow we have to place sometimes many texts from CopyDesk, sometimes up to ten on one page. You can imagine, that I have to spend much time in waiting there.
Does someone have an idea?

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copydesk articles import is slow

Post by JRS » 29 Jan 2010, 07:08

I only use CopyDesk in QPS, but I am guessing it may relate to number of style sheets, and possibly somewhat to code differences and speed of machine used.How many style sheets exist in documents you are trying to import?If you make a sample article with only a couple of style sheets and import that, how long does it take?What type of machine/OS are you running on?

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