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online template generation tool - 250 - 300 pages

Posted: 14 May 2015, 12:20
by kvvinaykumar10
Hi Team,
We looking for a online template generation tool.(generating a template with place holders like logo's , paragraphs etc.

We need to create documents from templates. ideally generate 250 - 300 pages documents(of type doc,PDF, XML, HTML,JSON) from templates.Just like text books. Can you please let us know any online template generation tools that does this.

Currently they are using word document to generate template and user the template to generate the word or pdf etc based on the template.they are using content controls in word and data is mapped from a data source to these content controls.we ideally use rules to identify what needs to be in there in placeholders based on the matching rules.

They want to go away from Microsoft.

Thank you,