Quark XML Author October 2015 Release Notification

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Quark XML Author October 2015 Release Notification

Post by jaiken » 28 Oct 2015, 15:30

As the season starts to turn here in sunny Colorado and we race towards the end of 2015, our development team has been hard at work enhancing functionality and refining your Quark software products. We’re pleased to announce the next release of the enterprise product family is now available. Read on to learn what you can expect to see.

This release includes the new features and enhancements we completed in our initial 2015 series release in July in addition to the October release enhancements. The cumulative list represents our continued commitment to providing you with the leading end-to-end content automation platform.

* Asterisks designate features delivered in our October 2015 release.

Quark XML Author

Usability enhancements
  • Clean authoring canvas – empties used to manage insertion points are now removed by default, making the authoring experience align much closer to a native MS Word scenario
  • Better WYSIWYG table editing – you have more options to edit tables, including the ability to drag cell borders for resizing
  • Track changes extension – you have an improved ability to asynchronously track changes contributed by multiple users
  • Smart Paste enhancements – options to better preserve formatting and support many common use cases in contextual menus
  • Dynamic configuration – you can now manage and deploy configuration updates without reinstalling the full product*
  • Spell check – streamline proofing with full spell check support
Performance improvements
  • Tables – compared to 4.8.x, table editing actions have improved from 20 to 400%, depending on the operation*
  • Global – enjoy significant performance improvements when typing, editing large tables (up to a 400% improvement for some documents) using Smart Paste, or managing tracked changes. For example, compared to 4.8.x, it now takes 3% of the original time to save complex documents with extensive changes.
  • Compatibility – Windows 10 and Office 365 Certification*

Microsoft Office and Quark XML Author Adapters

Highlighted improvements
  • Usability – new assets no longer require users to “save file on hard drive” and collection paths are now visible in the reference pane
  • Enhanced Excel support – the Excel adapter now supports saving charts and ranges as components
  • Persistent check-in settings – More Options settings now persist in check-in dialog
  • Reference dialog multi-select – you can now select multiple assets
  • Performance – content validation rules now provide faster response time
Administrative enhancements
  • Automated save options – system integrators can now leverage additional programmatic options on saving a document including the ability to set metadata values, trigger workflow status changes, perform attribute validation, and execute system actions at check-in*
  • XDK extensions – programmatic indexing support for Office adapters and the ability to also index document object metadata when creating components*
  • Automation extensions – support for the ‘!=’ operator in filters and an ability to ignore blank values when indexing attributes
  • User interface controls – new features to expand the “More Options” dialog, hide refresh buttons from task panes, auto-close the Rules Evaluator with successful document validation, and more
  • Programmatic attribute capture – XSL transforms can capture indexed attributes
  • Preferential control – support for specifying a default location for Open from Server and an option that honors absolute collection paths
  • Reference location options – control relinking options for targeted and global save locations (searchLocationChoice and LocalReference)
  • Quark XML Author 2015 October Update compatibility*
  • Windows 10 and Office 365 Certification*
  • Quark XML Author 2015 compatibility
  • Quark Publishing Platform 2015 group and privileges support
  • Based on Open Office, support for macro-enabled Excel file format (.xslm)
  • Ability to apply transforms to Excel table data
  • Support for indexing attributes in Office adapters

How do I learn more?
For a complete breakdown of what’s new in this release, how to upgrade or for any other questions, please contact your support representative by visiting quark.parature.com. Please note that enterprise upgrades are only available to customers with current maintenance agreements.

Documentation is available online.

You can also kick off a specific topic here on our forums.

Jason Aiken
Sr. Product Manager, Quark Enterprise Solutions

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