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June 2017 Release Notification for Quark XML Author

Posted: 31 May 2017, 16:28
by jaiken
We're kicking off this summer with a significant new enterprise software release!

Please review the highlights below to learn more about what's coming and plan to review our documentation for relevant upgrade steps and deprecation announcements.

Heat up your summer with our June 2017 Update!

Quark XML Author
  • DITA enhancements - enhanced navigation pane for DITA maps and improved map and topic editing features provide a significant leap forward in usability in response to our customers using this important OASIS standard.
  • Variable infrastructure - as we extend our features to include and move beyond DITA use cases, our new referencing infrastructure enables the reuse of structure and content with configurable and controlled keydef/keyref support, allowing business users to make local changes to global procedural documents.
  • Performance improvements - always moving closer to native Word performance, documents open faster and configurable portion marks enable similar improvements when opening documents and pasting content.
  • Infrastructure upgrade - by popular demand, Word 2016 users can now use the 64-bit version of Microsoft Word and leverage the architectural and some performance benefits for longer documents.
  • Word Reviewer for XML Author - enhance your business productivity with multiple reviewers working in parallel; when reviewers are finished, merge all changes back into the single source document.

Microsoft Office and Quark XML Author Adapters
  • PowerPoint slide assembly - accelerate time-to-market and enjoy new process efficiencies with this significant enhancement to our Office Adapter for PowerPoint: manage and reuse slides, Excel tables, Excel charts, and images. PowerPoint users can easily update slide decks and reference components as needed, all while maintaining familiar PowerPoint features for editing and design. This powerful set of new features promotes faster speed to proficiency and adoption of your content automation solution.
  • Server-managed clipboard - using Office Adapters for Excel, you may copy tabular or chart content and paste it into any Quark authoring application, even if you change client sessions. This simplifies how work gets done and creates new opportunities to pull information from one context and use it in another.

Deprecation announcements
In our next major release, we plan to deprecate our SOAP-based APIs.

How to learn more?
For a complete breakdown of what's new in this release or for any other questions, please contact your support representative by visiting

See our full documentation set, available here:

We'd love to hear your feedback. Please start a conversation here on our Enterprise forums!

Jason Aiken
Sr. Product Manager, Quark Enterprise Solutions

Re: June 2017 Release Notification for Quark XML Author

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 11:18
by ASA
Hi Jason,

I'm really excited about the "significant leap forward in usability" when particularly working with Maps in QXA. Do you any more information you can share on these features?


Re: June 2017 Release Notification for Quark XML Author

Posted: 20 Jun 2017, 11:49
by jaiken
Thanks, we're also pretty excited!

First, we added a navigation pane to assist DITA map editing so that authors can work with a document outline view, navigate child topics and maps, and modify the topic structure.

Second, XML Author 6.0 now includes a DITA configuration which supports these features:
  • Empties configuration
  • Character formatting
  • MS Word Reviewer for XML Author
  • Cross-referencing
We've consistently provided a standard DITA configuration, but some recent features only shipped with the BusDocs data model before June 2017.

If you have additional usability improvements to share, please contact Enterprise Support to make your suggestions known!