BOOK (.qxb) legacy files

Discuss converting legacy documents (version 6 or older) to be opened in QuarkXPress 10, 2015 & 2016 using the QuarkXPress Document Converter.
(Please note that documents last saved in version 7 and higher can be directly opened by QuarkXPress 10, 2015 & 2016!)
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BOOK (.qxb) legacy files

Post by ksawalich » 02 Mar 2015, 09:53

Hello. I have just converted from QuarkXPress 5 to the newest QuarkXpress10. I am not finding it possible to open my .qxb files. I have tried to do this directly and have also been told to use the Converter to open them (by changing the extension of .qxb to qxd, then open with converter program).
This has not worked.

The .qxd files that were included in the .qxb file were easily converted to new .qxd files, But the BOOK file (.qxb file) that organized them into a book is what I am trying to convert.

Is the .qxb type of file no longer something that is used in the new version? Is it now what I am seeing referred to as a 'Project?" I am going to try and find a user manual to help me, but I would appreciate your insight, so I can stop trying to convert it if it is not possible.


Kim S.

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