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FAQs for QuarkXPress 2015 (pre-shipping)

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 28 Oct 2014, 01:24

Hi everybody,

here are the answers to questions we have been getting about QX2015:
FAQ about QuarkXPress 10 here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1554

What features are included in QuarkXPress 2015?
Many. The biggest being Performance, Stability. Quality. Pure 64 Bit.
And a lot of features you asked us for.

How did Quark find out what users want?
We conducted a survey worldwide and asked our users to rank the feature wishlist. And that ranked list drove development of QuarkXPress 2015.

Can you share some more features?
Larger page size, custom page sizes, format painter, relink images, custom shortcut keys (Mac), dockable palettes (Windows), open PDF after exporting, collect for output for complete project and many more.

So maximum page size is larger than the 48“ (1.20m) in QuarkXPress 3-10?
Yes, QuarkXPress 2015 offers 224 inches (or 5.69m) as a maximum page size.

How large is InDesign CC2014’s max. page size?
It’s 216“ or 5.48m.

What else is in QuarkXPress 2015?
Designer-driven automation, which are footnotes/endnotes, faster tables with table styles and content variables.

Can you be more specific what's different from my version of QuarkXPress?
Please see here: http://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPre ... rison.aspx

Does QuarkXPress 2015 support output in the PDF/X-4 format?

Which technology is used in QuarkXPress 2015 to verify that the PDF/X-4 meets the standard?
To verify PDFX4 export QuarkXPress 2015 uses PdfToolbox from callas, which is the same technology that is also inside Adobe Acrobat to verify PDF/X-4.

Where can I find more details about QuarkXPress 2015?
Please see here http://www.quark.com/2015.

What’s the thing with animated, digital books?
With QuarkXPress 2015 you can create digital books (ebooks) with pixel-perfect design, often called as fixed-layout eBooks, additionally to the reflowable ebooks available since QuarkXPress 9.

What’s so special about animated, digital books?
They keep the layout you designed, can be viewed on tablets, Desktop computers and smartphones. Plus you can audio, video and add interactivity normally just known in apps, most notable Animations and Slideshows. Of course it is all pure HTML5.
And there's no reoccurring payment or cloud use needed, you only need QuarkXPress 2015 and can create as many ebooks as you like. And you can either distribute it yourself or use any ebook seller which accepts ePub or Kindle.

When did QuarkXPress 2015 ship?
The initial version was released on April 28, 2015.

Is there be a trial version available?
Yes, a Test Drive of QuarkXPress 2015 is available and – other than being time restricted – it has no functional restriction.

How long is the test time frame for the trial version?
Standard is three days, if you need a 30-day test drive, please contact our customer service team:
http://www.quark.com/Buy/QuarkXPress_Sa ... ice/#phone

I bought the "Buy 10 Get 2015 for free" offer. Until when did I need to fill out the redemption form?
You had to fill out the redemption form until June 30, 2015, to claim your free license.

How do you abbreviate QuarkXPress 2015?
We use QX2015 for short, e.g. on Facebook or Twitter or as a hashtag (#QX2015).

Will I get free support with QuarkXPress 2015?
Yes, Quark offers 60 days of free support after registering QuarkXPress 2015.

If I need support after 60 days, what are my options?
Please head over to the e-estore. Quark offers per-incident tickets, as well as inexpensive 6 months and 12 months tech support plans:

Will there be yearly releases of QuarkXPress from now on, as you called it "2015"?
By switching the version number of QuarkXPress to the release year we didn't mean to indicate that there will be a new major version every year from now on. There are good examples, including Apple and Microsoft, where an application carrying a release year in its name didn't change its name for two years or even several years. We'll release the next major version of QuarkXPress whenever the market demands it, currently there's no information or public plan about the release date of a next version of QuarkXPress.

If you have more questions, please let us know.

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