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FAQ for QuarkXPress 2015

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 29 Apr 2015, 09:48

Hi all,

with QuarkXPress 2015 now available since April 28, here are answers to frequently asked questions we are getting:

FAQ for QuarkXPress 2015

Pre-order / Ordering / Registration

Is QuarkXPress 2015 available as a perpetual license or a subscription?
QuarkXPress 2015 is solely available as a perpetual license. Buy once, use "forever".

I had pre-ordered QuarkXPress 2015 or participated in "Buy 10 Get 2015 For Free". Will I get my license of QuarkXPress 2015 automatically?
If you have redeemed your licenses before July 31, 2015, yes, you should have already received your free licenses of QuarkXPress 2015. Send me an email or private message please with your details and I'll check it for you.
As the promo "Buy 10 Get 2015 for Free" stated that you had to redeem your free licenses by June 30, we extended it by one month and reminded everyone via Social media and our Newsletter to make sure that everybody entitled wouldn't forget to claim their license.
As the redemption forms are now offline, you need to contact our TeleSales Team or myself please, if you feel that you should still be entitled.

I have a serial number that starts with TX and the registration site or activation pane doesn't accept it. What's wrong?
The TX number is your pre-order code, please head over to the redemption pages to claim your QuarkXPress 2015 serial number.

Are their student or teacher licenses available of QuarkXPress 2015?
Yes, of course. We offer fully functional licenses of QuarkXPress 2015 for Educational Purposes, which are perpetual and not time-limited.
Suggested retail price is €79 / £59 / $89 (plus country's VAT) for the single license, university packs are also available at an even lower price. All you need to do is proof that you are eligible for an Edu license.
And even better, when you are not eligible anymore, you can later upgrade Edu licenses to a commercial license.

Trial Version / Upgrading

Is the default time period for the Test Drive (trial version) of QuarkXPress 2015 really three days?

I need to test QuarkXPress 2015 longer than three days, is this possible?
Yes, please contact us by phone or through this form:

Will you continue to sell and support QuarkXPress 10?
Yes. We have even released an update for QuarkXPress 10 after QuarkXPress 2015 shipped to backport to v10 many fixes made in QuarkXPress 2015.

Can I upgrade from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 2015?
Yes, the upgrade is available for all versions, regardless whether you own QuarkXPress 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10.

Do you have an end-of-life scheduled for QuarkXPress 2015?
Yes, in October 2017 we announced that we will end support for QuarkXPress 2015 on Nov 30, 2018. That is commonly called end-of-life. Of course your installed copy of QuarkXPress 2015 will continue to work past this date.


Can I install QuarkXPress 2015 on a 32 Bit version of Windows?
No you can't. QuarkXPress 2015 for Mac and QuarkXPress 2015 for Windows are both 64 bit, no compromise made here, as this has significant speed improvements.
As Mac OS X has been 64 bit for a while now, this has no implication for users on OS X. Users on Windows need to use a 64 bit variant of Windows 7 or 8.

What are my options when I use a 32-bit flavor of Windows?
As we are still selling and supporting QuarkXPress 10, please use QuarkXPress 10.5.2 then: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1554


Where can I find more information how the new features in QuarkXPress 2015 work?
You can find manuals here: http://www.quark.com/Support/Documentation/QuarkXPress/
(Currently they are only available in English, translations to other languages are in the works)

Where can I see what has changed e.g. between v9 and QuarkXPress 2015?
Please see here: http://www.quark.com/Products/QuarkXPre ... rison.aspx


I'll add more to the page when we get more questions.

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