Repeatedly asking me to reactivate

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Repeatedly asking me to reactivate

Post by GreenGrass » 04 Apr 2016, 16:56

I have been a Quark user since 4.0, and am currently on 2015 v11.0. I had been on 11.1 but was having crashing on exit issue so rolled it back.

But ever since I upgraded to 2015 way back (i.e. way out of the 60d free support window), every few weeks I get a notice that my copy of Quark has gone into Demo mode and needs to be activated. I understand that Quark only allows 2 activations and each is bonded to the hardware configuration at activation.

My problem is, I have a crazy job and travel extensively so I have all kinds of "hardware setups" that I use Quark on, so this is a problem I am tired of and am looking for a more permanent solution.

I have a Surface Pro 3 "tablet that replaces your laptop" sometimes:
- connected to the internet at home office on my lap
- not connected to the internet when I'm sitting in the airport or on a plane
- connected to my dock at home and then typically connected to the internet
- as a laptop while I'm traveling and connected to hotel WiFi
- as a laptop while traveling connected to my Verizon mobile hotspot accessing cell signals all over the US

Never fails, when I am on a plane trying to get some work done, I get this activation issue. And since I don't have access to WiFi, I can't work since Demo mode doesn't save anything.

Anyone have any suggestions for a work around?


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