Creating a Cut Line (Cutting Form)

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Creating a Cut Line (Cutting Form)

Post by mousetarget » 20 Dec 2017, 03:56


I have a brochure to design in Quark 2015 which has an unusual shape, which means I need to produce a cut line (cutting form) when I send it to the printer to be produced.

Usually you would use Illustrator to produce the whole brochure, but I am hopeless in Illustrator and want to produce the whole job in Quark. I can't find anything on the internet about how to produce a cut line (cutting form) in Quark - can anyone help at all?

Many thanks


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Re: Creating a Cut Line (Cutting Form)

Post by MikeWenzloff » 20 Dec 2017, 09:58

Hi Chris,

As for the die lines I have made in the past in a vector editor, the drawing tools in Q should be sufficient. There are also the more simple path operations (Item menu, Merge or Split Paths). The main thing is that the path be of a single weight (I would recommend 0.25 pts, but that is something to check with the company doing the printing and/or making the die), and that it be a spot color, often with a unique name (I use CutPath or DieLine typically). Spot color can be named at any time and actually be any color designated as a spot color. I typically use Magenta. You can name a color when creating it or any time after creation. The specifics of the line weight, color name and even its color for the die line should be asked of the print establishment if not already.

The page size may also be important. It obviously needs to be larger than the die and bled elements. Which brings up another thing. Sometimes the print establishment also desired I put in the fold lines and often using a separate named color, and then there is the trim marks and those should be using the Registration color already in your color palette.

Some print establishments desire the die line to be a separate PDF. Q is nice for that as one can have multiple layouts in a single file, so the die line and even the fold marks (if required) can simply be copied and pasted in-place to a new layout once drawn.

Some print establishment also want these extra items on a separate layer. Q can also do that.

Then the rest is drawing accurately. You'll probably need to make use of the Home tab of the measurement palette to size and position these items.


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