huge line spacing in High Sierra

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huge line spacing in High Sierra

Post by Priscilla » 29 Mar 2018, 10:34

I'm by no means an expert in QuarkXpress, but I use it regularly for different purposes. I am now writing a little booklet, similar to other little booklets I have done in the past. But now, I'm getting a huge gap in the line spacing starting on a specific page, while the beginning of the document is just fine. I can't find the solution for this. I looked at all the line-spacing parameters I could think of and all are in auto mode, which is what I want.
Any ideas?

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Re: huge line spacing in High Sierra

Post by allen-uk » 17 Aug 2018, 03:41

If you're still bothering to look after nearly SIX months, then...

a) take it you've checked the obvious: i.e., select all, click on Window / Measurements / Paragraph, and down the bottom just under the ---graph of Paragraph is a number or 'auto'. This is your line-spacing (actually called 'leading'). Make sure it's either a few points bigger than your font size, or set it to auto (cruder but works).

b) if still a problem, then start a new document, and copy your old one, paragraph by paragraph, and paste it into the new document.

Check the leading each time, just by eye, or looking at the 'value' in the paragraph/leading box.

Once you find the culprit para, delete just that paragraph, retype it, and you should be okay.

Causes? Various. Drop caps, superior/inferior letters, baseline shift, several other more obscure things. Avoid any such functions you're not 100% sure of.

(Six months, and no help? Dear me.)


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