epub tagging in already designed Quark files

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Nils van Roijen
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epub tagging in already designed Quark files

Post by Nils van Roijen » 03 Nov 2015, 15:50

Next problem I stumble across in the new Quark Xpress is the following:

I have been designing my books in Quark Xpress for a great deal of years now. My books are mostly one huge text file with different styles implemented in the text. Whenever I export such a file as an ePub, I get one large element in my reflow tagging palet. Problem is that in the pub all my text is fitting right under each other, no forced new pages are left and a lot of formatting, such as space underneath and above text has been lost. Please point me in the right direction how to fix these things. I upgraded to this new version so my life would get easier not harder... Also, I can't seem to choose for the fixed layout export epub. Is there a common reason for that as well?

hope to hear from you Quark wizards soon.


Nils van Roijen

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Sarbjit Singh
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Re: epub tagging in already designed Quark files

Post by Sarbjit Singh » 03 Nov 2015, 23:49

Let's tackle them one at a time:

1. One Large Element: You can break your story into pages in two ways. One is to "Unlink" text boxes using Linkster under Utilities menu. Or you may insert a "Callout Anchor" wherever you want to break the story, you don't need to link it to a callout box.
2. Space Underneath / Above text: How did you apply the spacing. Does that come from a Style Sheet or local formatting on the text?

If required, I will ask for the file and help you sort this out.

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