Error When Exporting to PDF

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Error When Exporting to PDF

Post by dani1987 » 13 Jan 2016, 21:02

QuarkXpress version 9.1

Trying to export a project as a PDF but keep getting the same error message (I've tried to export in several different styles, including: Screen - Low Quality/Low Resolution, Print - High Quality/High Resolution, Default PDF Output Style). Some of the images are missing, but I didn't think this would effect the ability to export as PDF. I've been able to export InDesign files as PDF's in the past even when image links were broken, the images would just appear low quality.

The error message I receive says:
"Quark Vista could not perform the specified operation. Low memory could be the probable cause. Do you wish to save picture with the previously applied effects?"

When I click "OK" it opens a window where I'm given the option to name the file and save it, but when I click on "Save" or press "Enter" nothing happens.

When I try to cancel, the window just keeps popping back up so I eventually have to force quit Quark.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? Is it because some of the images are missing?

P.S. The project is a large catalogue intended for print (approx. 170 pages in total)

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Re: Error When Exporting to PDF

Post by max.peter » 14 Jan 2016, 06:50

Check if the QuarkVista XTension is loaded.
Update the links to the missing pictures, maybe one of this picture has been changed using QuarkVista's commands, and during the export to PDF certain images cannot be rendered.
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